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Promoting your DofE group

We all know how important publicity can be. On a local level, it can help attract participants to your group, more volunteers to help young people achieve and funding/support from your local community. For Licensed Organisations, a higher profile can help secure the funding and support needed to ensure the DofE is run efficiently, gives participants a high quality experience and local centres/groups get the support they need.

Nationally good publicity helps us secure funding and means we can work on developing DofE programmes so we can inspire more young people and give them the opportunity to take part in the future.

Here are some hints and tips on how to generate some publicity for your DofE centre or group:

  • Celebrate young people’s achievements in your local communities at presentation events and through the local media.
  • Publicising information on when your group meets.
  • Promoting the activities and successes of your group/centre.
  • Engaging the active support of local sponsors and key community figures.

Download our guide to the media here, which includes sample press releases (Word doc).  There's a Gold Award Presentation pro-forma press release here, and a generic press release here.

All DofE press releases can be found in our press zone, along with latest news.

Have you got a good story? We're always on the look out for stories from DofE groups thoughout the UK. to use on our website, in the DofE magazine, in our annual review and of course through PR.

Send your story and any photos to [email protected]  (please read our information and photo sumbission policy here first).

Thank you!

Download the DofE logo and our Brand Guidelines, and order a free bespoke one here.

Generating publicity for your DofE group

Whilst nationally and regionally we promote the DofE at every opportunity, we rely on everyone connected with the DofE to support this by raising the profile locally - the value of local PR cannot be underestimated.

To help you promote your DofE group and young people we have produced a guide to help support you with your local media activities.

You can download a DofE press release template to get started.


Imagery and resources

The DofE has an image library which may be used for DofE promotional purposes.  It may also be made available to the media to use in conjunction with DofE-related articles.

We also have a selection of film footage available for the media only.  You can preview our films at www.youtube.com/theDofEUK

Image requests

If you want to use any of our imagery,please send us a full brief including:

  • What the pictures will be used for
  • When they will be used
  • How many are needed
  • A CLEAR brief on content (e.g. activity/indoors/ages)
  • What format & resolution is required
  • To whom & how they should be sent


Got some great shots?

We are always on the lookout for photographs showing the DofE in action, as well as case studies and testimonials.  Please send any photos, with clear information on what/where/when/who is pictured to [email protected].  Before you submit them please read our Photography Submissions Policy.

Don't forget to include a note telling us who's who, where and when the shot was taken and what's taking place for all images.

Please note all photos must be sent in as high resolution jpgs.

If you're taking photos that you plan to use to promote your group and/or submit to us, you must always ensure you have everyone's consent.  Please feel free to use our standard Model Release Form.