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Welcome Packs

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Welcome Packs each include five elements:

  • Participant's Handbook
  • Assessor Guidance booklet
  • Parent's information leaflet
  • Welcome letter
  • DofE Reward Card

These are all packed in transparent flow-wrap.

The Assessor Guidance booklet has perforated cards to allow easy removal. Young people store this booklet in the flap in the  Participants' Handbook until they need them, detatch and hand guidance cards to their sectional Assessors at the start of their activity, and can keep completed Assessor's Report cards in there once they have photographed and uploaded them into eDofE. 

Note: Welcome Packs with their associated participation places can only be purchased from DofE Essentials, accessed via  eDofE, by users with prior authorisation.